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Grants for the summer holidays.  The summer holidays are a fantastic time for many kids but can be so daunting for so many parents. With food poverty rife and the cost of living crisis in full swing, people need help. It is good to remind readers that there are many organisations who deliver food and other services to help you if you’re an individual in need of food over the summer holidays. You can get in touch with any of the following organisations who may be able to offer you support:


If your children are school age and receive free school meals during term times, you may be worried about food and other costs while they are on holiday. Find out grants for the summer holidays and what help might be available, depending on where you live in the UK here.  

You may also be able to get extra credit during the summer holidays, using this govt link: tax-free childcare or the childcare costs element of Universal Credit.


Grants for the summer holidays

Families struggling financially, or facing illness, isolation or bereavement, will have an opportunity for a weekend break thanks to a new government fund.

More than 800 holidays and trips for families over the next few months will be funded by the £600,000 ‘England for Everyone’ fund. The fund will support parents, carers, and young people experiencing difficult times to get away, relax and enjoy themselves on a weekend break in England.

Learn more here.  


As ever, Olio is worth perusing because there are literally thousands of items being given away by people all over the country. You’re bound to find something you need to ease the summer hols, from food and drink to everything in between: all perfectly good, unwanted food being given away to reduce food waste. Everything shared on OLIO is for free. They have also developed safe sharing ‘no-contact pickups’ in response to COVID-19. Visit their website for more information and to download the app.


The Summer Holiday Food and Childcare Fund 2022 has now been allocated to Council Services as well as a host of voluntary organisations across Stirling to deliver activities, food and childcare, to support the wellbeing of children and young people over the summer period. Grants for the summer holidays are available. 


grants for the summer holidays

Debt Movement are offering free school meals for kids during the summer hols here.

The End Child Food Poverty website, spearheaded by Marcus Rashford’s End Child Food Poverty Taskforce, has a map which lists emergency food support in communities across the UK. Find a project local to you by clicking  here. 


Covid-19 is back with a vengeance this summer and Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid to help this summer with problems arising from the pandemic: you can find out what is happening in your area here. 


WPD is inviting applications to its £500,000 Community Matters Fund from organisations that can support families who will struggle to feed their children over the summer holidays.

The company is the electricity distribution network operator for South Wales, the South West and the Midlands, so that is where it is targeting its funding. You can check if your organisation is eligible in terms of its location.

Applications for grants of £2,500 are inviting from eligible local charities (including food banks), councils and community groups such as parent teacher associations. Click here for more information. 


trussel trust

The Trussell Trust operate the largest network of foodbanks across the UK. You can search for your nearest food bank via their interactive map.
Note: some Trussell Trust foodbanks have closed in response to COVID-19. Contact your nearest Trussell Trust centre for details.


Grants for the summer holidays

IFAN are the UK network for independent food aid providers. They support and connect a range of independent frontline food aid organisations while advocating on their behalf at a national level.

They have mapped 834 independent foodbanks. Please visit their website for more information here.


The British Red Cross has set up a free coronavirus support line for people who are feeling lonely or worried, or finding it hard to cope during these uncertain times. Red Cross volunteers from the psychosocial and mental health team are on-hand to provide both practical and emotional support, and connect people with additional support in their local area.

The support line telephone number is 0808 196 3651 and it’s open daily from 10am to 6pm. The service is free, and completely confidential. You can find more information on the British Red Cross website.


Feeding Britain are running a network of emergency food programmes across the UK to protect children and their families from hunger. Hot meals and food packages are being made available, through a combination of home deliveries and collection points in the communities in which we operate, to ensure families on low incomes can put breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table each day. You can find out more via their website here.

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